Signature Roll

8 pieces

  • (C) Mexican Roll

    • 7.95

    Shrimp tempura, top with crab stick, spicy mayo, seed.

    (C) Mexican Roll
  • (C) Crunch Roll

    • 6.95

    Crab, avocado, cream cheese, top with crunch flake, eel sauce.

    (C) Crunch Roll
  • (C) Kamakazi Roll

    • 8.95

    Crab, cream cheese, salmon, deep fried, sweet spicy sauce, seed.

    (C) Kamakazi Roll
  • (C) Diablo Roll

    • 8.95

    Crab, red snapper, salmon, tuna, seaweed outside deep fried, top with eel sauce, seed.

    (C) Diablo Roll
  • (C) Dragon Eel Roll

    • 8.95
    (C) Dragon Eel Roll
  • (C) Volcano Roll

    • 6.95

    California roll top with spicy crab meat, seed.

    (C) Volcano Roll
  • (C) Dancing Shrimp Roll

    • 7.95

    Crab, cream cheese, top with avocado & steamed shrimp, sweet spicy sauce

    (C) Dancing Shrimp Roll
  • (R) Rainbow Roll

    • 8.95

    Avocado, cucumber, top with assort fish, eel sauce, fish egg.

    (R) Rainbow Roll
  • (R) Lady Roll

    • 8.95

    Crab, cucumber, top with spicy tuna & fish egg.

    (R) Lady Roll
  • (R) Sunset Blvd

    • 9.95

    Spicy tuna, crab, avocado, wrapped in a soy paper, top with eel sauce, fish egg.

    (R) Sunset Blvd
Signature Roll